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Remove Watermark, Easy Retouch

Category: Media & Video Date:2023-11-30 10:42:01

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RemoveMagician is a user-friendly and efficient eraser tool for photos and videos. This practical app allows you to easily remove watermarks from your videos, clean text or logos from images, and retouch your photos with just one touch. With its advanced AI recognition technology, it can automatically identify watermarks and erase them seamlessly. You can also make unwanted objects vanish, adjust brush size, and save your masterpieces to the gallery or share them on social media. Download RemoveMagician now to effortlessly remove watermarks and enhance your images in no time!

Features of this app:

- Remove watermarks: This app allows users to easily remove watermarks from their videos and images, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetic appeal.

- Easy retouch: With the help of advanced AI technology, users can easily retouch their photos by removing unwanted objects, such as telegraph wires, powerlines, blemishes, and text, making their photos look more natural and professional.

- Simple and practical eraser tool: The app provides a user-friendly interface where users can mark any unwanted content in their pictures and videos and simply remove them with just one touch, making the editing process fast and efficient.

- Multiple shapes and brushes: The app offers a variety of shapes and brushes that users can customize to fit their needs, allowing for more precise and detailed editing. Additionally, the zoom function helps in removing watermarks from complex backgrounds, resulting in a more delicate and natural-looking photo.

- Gallery and sharing options: Users can easily view all the edited images and videos in the app's gallery and save their masterpieces to the album. The app also provides an easy sharing feature to social media platforms, making it convenient for users to showcase their edited content.

- Copyright disclaimer: The app emphasizes respect for copyright ownership and encourages users to obtain permission or authorization before using the application. It also highlights that the app is intended for personal study and research purposes only and should not be used for commercial purposes. The disclaimer also emphasizes that the app is not responsible for any intellectual property infringement caused by unauthorized actions.


Remove Magician is a feature-rich and user-friendly app that offers a simple and efficient solution to remove watermarks and retouch photos and videos. With its advanced AI technology, multiple editing options, and emphasis on copyright protection, this app is a valuable tool for both personal and professional use. Users are likely to be attracted to its ease of use, extensive editing capabilities, and convenient sharing options, making it a compelling choice for downloading.

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File size: 91.00 M Latest Version:

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 71 Package ID: remove.picture.video.watermark.watermarkremove


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  • Fake advertising. I couldn't erase any watermark...fulp of ads, they just want the money for what they advertise.bs app
    2024-01-08 04:05:48
  • Noo this app is A scam!, Like when I wan't to remove the watermark it's just won't come off. And the ads there to much to handle!!!
    2024-01-07 19:19:27
  • Yeah thing works perfectly, literally removes the tiktok watermarks if your tryna get watermarks and etc. def reccomend.
    2024-01-07 02:43:09
  • It sucks,they are telling that this app only works for videos to remove its watermark unless the video is longer than 2 minutes,I dont recommend,dont get caught...
    2024-01-04 21:35:40
  • The stupidest app ever, doesn't even work and has more ads than Facebook. Don't waste your time.
    2024-01-04 20:34:57
  • The app is good but while making the vdo it takes toon much of time and while loading it takes ages to make it happen but all is perfect
    2023-12-29 11:21:01
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