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Category: Media & Video Date:2023-11-30 10:03:01

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Stay informed with the KTAR News 92.3 FM app, your go-to source for breaking news and stimulating talk in Arizona. This award-winning app provides residents with live talk shows, podcasts, on-demand segments, and the latest news. Listen to your favorite shows like Arizona's Morning News, The Mike Broomhead Show, and The Gaydos & Chad Show. Stay up to date with breaking news, traffic reports, and news conferences. Interact with the shows live through text, email, and social media. Join our community and download the KTAR News 92.3 FM app now! Visit KTAR.com for more information.

Features of this App:

- Breaking News: KTAR News -3 FM provides users with up-to-date breaking news and keeps them informed about the latest happenings in Arizona.

- Live Talk Shows: Users can listen to live talk shows on a variety of topics, including news, politics, and entertainment. The app allows users to tune in to their favorite programs anytime and anywhere.

- On-Demand Segments and Interviews: Users can access podcasts and on-demand segments of their favorite talk shows. They can listen to past interviews and catch up on missed episodes.

- Local News and Analysis: The app offers the latest news from Arizona, providing users with top stories and analysis from local experts. Users can also make sense of the headlines through the opinions of talk show hosts.

- Interact with the Shows: Users can interact with the shows in real-time through text, email, and social media. They can also receive breaking news alerts and in-app messages to stay updated.

- Community Engagement: The app encourages users to join the KTAR News community through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Users can share their feedback and connect with others who share their passion for news and talk.


KTAR News -3 FM App is a comprehensive news and talk platform that offers a range of features to keep Arizona residents informed and engaged. With its live talk shows, on-demand segments, breaking news updates, and interactive features, the app provides a convenient way for users to stay updated on the latest news and connect with their favorite talk show hosts. Whether it's listening to live shows, catching up on missed episodes, or engaging with the community, the app offers a user-friendly experience for staying connected to the Arizona news and talk scene.

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File size: 33.00 M Latest Version: 3.00.055

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 77 Package ID: com.jacobsmedia.KTAR



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  • Too many coronavirus notifications.
    2024-01-11 23:46:32
  • Thank you for making this application availabe.
    2024-01-08 16:47:18
  • I've listened mostly to B. Tatum whom I fully support & is straight to the point!
    2024-01-04 05:59:23
  • Very helpful. Love gaydo's poll questions.
    2024-01-02 21:01:46
  • Best local news.
    2024-01-02 04:23:40
  • Live stream keeps dropping.
    2023-12-30 07:22:35
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