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Introducing FUTA APP: Your Ultimate Travel and Transportation Companion. FUTA Group aims to bridge the gap between customers and service providers, becoming an essential daily application for every Vietnamese. With FUTA, you can buy Phuong Trang bus tickets conveniently and securely, integrating payment with e-wallets and bank cards. Enjoy fast, safe, and economical delivery services for online sellers. Connect with taxi, car, and motorbike drivers in the city, knowing the cost of your trip in advance. Need a rental car? FUTA makes it easy to rent a car anytime, anywhere for a great trip with family and friends. By using FUTA for your travel and transportation needs, you can earn valuable points and enjoy rewards like free tickets and discounts. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart as we strive to create new standards of quality. Download FUTA now and let us serve you!

Features of the app:

- FUTA Bus Lines tickets: Users can easily purchase Phuong Trang bus tickets through the app with various convenient features such as integrating payment with e-wallets and bank cards.

- Delivery service: The app provides a professional delivery service for online sellers, ensuring fast, safe, and economical delivery experiences for both sellers and shoppers.

- FUTA Taxi, Car, Motorbike: Users can easily connect with taxi drivers, cars, and motorbikes for transportation within the city, with advance knowledge of the trip cost.

- Rent a Car: Users can conveniently rent a car directly through the app, whether it's for a city tour, a short trip, or a long business trip, to enjoy great trips with family and friends.

- Customer advantages: By using FUTA for travel and transportation tickets, users have the opportunity to accumulate points that can be redeemed for various benefits, such as buying tickets or getting discounts on car bookings.

- Customer satisfaction: The app focuses on providing high-quality services and always placing customer satisfaction as a priority, ensuring that every action taken is aimed at meeting their needs.


With its diverse range of services and user-friendly features, FUTA app aims to become an essential daily application in the lives of Vietnamese customers. The convenience and benefits offered, such as easy ticket purchasing, professional delivery service, reliable transportation options, and customer rewards, make FUTA a compelling choice for users. Downloading the app provides an opportunity to access a reliable and efficient platform for various travel and transportation needs. Try out FUTA now and experience the quality services it offers.

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File size: 32.00 M Latest Version: 7.15.8

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 43 Package ID: client.facecar.com



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  • Tải app, vào kết nối thẻ thanh toán trừ 5k thành công vào tài khaỏn mà hiện kết nối thất bại trong app, tiền cũng không hoàn lại.
    2024-01-15 02:52:58
  • Thanh toán qua momo hay zalo pay đều lỗi. Tưởng đặt được vé nhưng không :) gọi lên 19006667 hay 19006067 đều không được. Mail hỗ trợ thì không trả lời.
    2024-01-10 01:18:10
  • App lỗi ko vào được. Làm mất tiếng trên điện thoại
    2024-01-08 08:48:40
  • Ứng dụng công nghệ vào trải nghiệm đặt xe cho khách hàng vẫn rất chậm chạp. Theo những lần tải app rồi lại xóa của mình thì đã có làm lại app, nhưng đặt xe thì vẫn phải gọi điện. Kênh facebook thì chỉ để hỗ trợ. App thì không có chuyến khi mình chọn Q1 TPHCM tới Lộc An, Lâm Đồng cho ngày 26/4/22 (đặt vào 25), khi chọn lại TPHCM đi Đà Lạt thì chỉ có limousine. Trong khi đó gọi điện thì thông tin đầy đủ, đặt được ngay. Vậy rõ ràng vẫn là cách làm cũ, vai trò của app vẫn khá mờ nhạt.
    2024-01-06 17:31:28
  • ko sử dụng được
    2024-01-04 14:01:54
  • Nhân viên quăng va li xuống đất ướt, không chấp nhận đc
    2023-12-30 16:42:39
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