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Mapcam.info speed cam detector

Category: Travel Date:2023-11-30 09:08:01

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Mapcam.info Anti-Radar, Radar Detector is a powerful and intuitive driving companion that proactively alerts drivers to potential road hazards, radars, and speed cameras. This versatile app seamlessly integrates with various navigation programs and provides comprehensive coverage for over 80 countries worldwide. With two types of warning databases, users can customize their preferences and ensure a user-friendly experience. The app continually updates its database to provide accurate and relevant information, and users can contribute by adding cameras directly through the application. To learn more and enhance the app's functionality, users can visit the official Mapcam.info website and program forum. Click here to download now.

Features of the app:

- Proactive road hazard and radar detection: This app alerts drivers to potential road hazards, radars, and speed cameras, providing timely reminders to adhere to traffic rules and speed limits.

- Integration with navigation programs: The app seamlessly integrates with various navigation programs, allowing users to use the app alongside their preferred navigation system.

- Comprehensive warning database: Leveraging the extensive warning database created by the MapCam.info project since - this app provides comprehensive coverage for over 80 countries worldwide.

- Customizable warning preferences: Users can fine-tune their warning preferences using a visual interface, ensuring a customized and user-friendly experience.

- Continual updates: The app continually updates its database, particularly in major cities where new cameras are installed, ensuring accurate and relevant information.

- User contribution: Users have the option to add cameras to the database through a convenient visual interface directly on the application's page, enhancing the app's functionality.


Mapcam.info Anti-Radar, Radar Detector is a feature-rich app that serves as an advanced driving companion. It not only proactively alerts drivers to potential road hazards, radars, and speed cameras but also integrates seamlessly with navigation programs. The app's comprehensive warning database, customizable preferences, and continual updates ensure accurate and relevant information for users. With the option for users to contribute to the database, the app offers a user-friendly and customizable experience. For those seeking more detailed analysis and additional information, the Mapcam.info website and official program forum provide further resources.

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File size: 6.08 M Latest Version: 3.85.1203

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 56 Package ID: info.mapcam.droid

Developer: Mapcam.info


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  • Крым не входит в БД РФ? В связи с чем?
    2024-01-06 15:27:55
  • Все в нем прекрасно, но сделайте наконец возможность отключить предупреждение о камерах-муляжах!
    2024-01-06 10:21:54
  • Даже в пробке пищит на камеры скорости
    2024-01-04 18:35:22
  • Выше всяких похвал.
    2024-01-03 01:05:35
  • Постоянно появляются уведомления об акциях, хотя подписка куплена без ограничений по сроку действия.
    2024-01-02 23:07:13
  • На распродаже купил полную версию. Приложение - супер.
    2023-12-28 23:45:36
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