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Category: Media & Video Date:2023-11-30 08:52:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Music

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Get your fix of high-action audio with the Black Library audio app. Browse and download over 175 audiobooks and audiodramas right on your phone or tablet. Experience the worlds of Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40,000, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar in a whole new way. The app includes an integrated player that allows you to listen to your downloaded audios wherever and whenever you want. With audiobooks, you can experience the story as it was meant to be heard, word for word. Audiodramas immerse you in the story with gunfire, battle cries, and music. Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Playstore.

Features of the Black Library Audio App:

- Browse the full range of Black Library audio products: The app allows users to explore and discover a wide range of audiobooks and audiodramas from the Black Library.

- Buy and download audiobooks within the app: Users can conveniently purchase and download their chosen audiobooks directly from the app, eliminating the need to visit a separate website or store.

- Integrated player: The app includes a built-in audio player, allowing users to listen to their downloaded audiobooks and audiodramas within the app itself. This provides a seamless and immersive listening experience.

- Wide range of content: The app offers over 175 audiobooks and audiodramas, covering popular franchises like Horus Heresy, Warhammer -- and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This ensures that users can find content they are interested in.

- Audio adventures set across different worlds: The app provides two types of audio adventures set in the worlds of Warhammer -- The Horus Heresy, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This offers a diverse range of storytelling experiences.

- Library feature: Users can access and manage their purchased audiobooks and audiodramas in the app's library. This allows for easy organization and retrieval of content.


The Black Library Audio App is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for experiencing the audiobooks and audiodramas offered by Black Library. With its diverse range of content, convenient purchase options, integrated player, and easy-to-use library feature, the app provides a seamless and immersive listening experience for fans of Warhammer literature. Whether users prefer to listen on their tablet or phone, the app offers a convenient way to browse, purchase, and enjoy high-action audio adventures. Download the app today from the App Store or Google Playstore to start exploring the thrilling world of Black Library audiobooks and audiodramas.

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File size: 22.00 M Latest Version: 1.2.3

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 41 Package ID: com.gamesworkshop.blacklibraryaudio

Developer: Games Workshop

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  • Mixed blessings. Great to listen to all the books but could really do with a sleep timer for when you listen at night and really really need to be able to have an account so you don't always have to repurchase your books if you get a new device. Also why are the books more expensive on the app then through itunes books?
    2024-01-07 21:17:23
  • Audiobooks stop every time a notification comes through and you have to start the audio again manually. Very annoying and distracting, bad for driving. Not recommended until this is fixed.
    2024-01-04 15:49:44
  • So frustrating. Notifications stop the audio and it's very unreliable. One day it plays perfectly and then not at all. And this has been happening well before the lockdown if you're thinking that's an excuse for such poor service.
    2024-01-03 03:31:17
  • The fact that I can't log into my account with Games Workshop/Citadel where I have purchased previous audiobooks and access them on this app makes it a one star for me. They have a record of the purchases on my account, made with my credit card, so why can I not have access to my titles using the app? It appears as if Citadel just does not care enough to improve the quality and fix this very obvious and glaring error. They are aware, they just don't care.
    2024-01-01 22:56:15
  • As much as I love GW I can't support this. It's offering books on here for £30 that you can get in audible for less than £10. It's a joke, especially when you're a Warhammer+ member and can't access anything.
    2023-12-29 23:22:51
  • There are ALOT of issues with this app that makes it very hard to enjoy. If there was a reason to pirate digtal black library audio books then this app puts forward a extremely convincing case. No real control of downloads. If you don't have wifi then you can't download your audio book. You also can't search by faction, only by name. If you want to search for say 'T'au' then only titles that have tau in their name appear. This app, reviewed on 11/4/2020, hasn't been updated since 2017!!
    2023-12-28 03:49:34
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