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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Category: Media & Video Date:2023-11-29 09:11:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Music

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Ultimate Guitar is the ultimate app for guitar enthusiasts. With the world's largest catalog of guitar, bass, and ukulele chords, tabs, and lyrics, you can easily learn your favorite songs. Search for any song by type, difficulty, tuning, or rating. Whether you want to focus on guitar techniques or discover songs for particular moments, Ultimate Guitar has collections from professional guitarists to suit your needs. Play over 15,000 popular songs in their original sound with Tonebridge Guitar Effects. With a Pro account, you can play songs note by note, jam with HQ tabs and backing tracks, use the built-in guitar tuner, transpose songs, and more. Get offline access to favorite tabs, edit chords and lyrics, watch videos to refresh songs, and personalize your tabs with ease. Stay connected with Ultimate Guitar through their social media channels and enjoy features like dark mode for gigs. Click to download now and unlock the full potential of your guitar playing!

This app, without mentioning its name more than five times, offers a range of features that make it an attractive choice for guitar, bass, and ukulele players. Firstly, it provides access to a vast catalog of chords, tabs, and lyrics for over -000 songs. Users can easily search for songs based on type, difficulty, tuning, and rating. The app also allows users to discover collections curated by professional guitarists and explore specific techniques. Additionally, users can play popular songs in their original sound using the Tonebridge Guitar Effects feature.

The app offers offline access to favorite tabs, making it convenient for users to practice even without an internet connection. It also includes a left-handed mode, catering to the needs of left-handed players. With the ability to compile favorite tabs into playlists and edit chords, lyrics, or tabs, users can personalize their learning experience. The app even provides video tutorials to help users learn songs or use them as backing tracks. Users can customize the font style and size of the tabs and can enjoy a dark mode for gigs.

For users with a Pro account, the app offers advanced features such as interactive tabs with note-by-note playback, a vast library of HQ tabs with backing tracks and synchronized lyrics, a metronome, a built-in guitar tuner, and the ability to transpose songs. The app also provides the largest library of chords, allowing users to choose the most comfortable chord variation. Additionally, the app includes a simplify function, making difficult songs easier to play.

Other useful features include autoscroll to avoid distractions during practice and the ability to share, print, and export important songs.

In conclusion, this app provides a comprehensive platform for guitar, bass, and ukulele players to learn and play their favorite songs. With an extensive catalog of chords, tabs, and lyrics, as well as features like Tonebridge Guitar Effects, personalized tabs, and Pro account benefits, this app offers a valuable tool for musicians of all levels. Its user-friendly interface and attractive array of features are sure to appeal to guitar enthusiasts and entice them to click and download the app.

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File size: 52.78 M Latest Version: 7.0.10

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 63 Package ID: com.ultimateguitar.tabs

Developer: Ultimate Guitar USA LLC

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  • App won't start anymore on Google Pixel 7. Attempts to open two instances of the app and then will not leave a loading screen. I paid for premium and have been a long time user dating back to the desktop version, and this is my first real issue with your service. Please look into this issue.
    2024-01-09 13:48:07
  • Pro use to be amazing. Now it's so buggy trying to jump ahead or backwards in a song. Emailed numerous times without and response. Don't waste your money on a subscription. Use another platform like songster. Not impressed ultimate guitar. You fix what wasn't broken with an update and broke it.
    2024-01-09 09:35:45
  • It's unbelievable how annoying this app is. I wanted to see a strumming pattern for just one song on the website,but they made me download the app. I did it and they forced me to sign up,and then I had to answer like 15 questions!! I couldn't skip it! It's just unbelievable, I felt like they make me give them out my entire life story, I WANTED TO SEE JUST A STRUMMING PATTERN!! Obviously I picked everything random but the app kept asking me for money for every single click I make. I'm deleting it
    2024-01-07 16:20:41
  • While setting up my profile, for what I'm guessing are algorithm pre-settings, I came to the music or song selection section, which I think is the very last one, And I realize that the app is tuned to white guitarist "only"!, based off the selection on songs that repeated Bruno Mars and Taylor swift. There are no oldies artist, no, rap artist, no techno artist. Every form of music uses electric and acoustic guitar. This is exclusion.
    2024-01-07 05:54:48
  • I really used to love this app. I had previously given it a 5 star review. But upon the latest update, the awful, money-grubbing nature of the people behind the app has become blatantly obvious. The app tries every time you log in to try to get you to sign up for lessons, or spend more than your subscription for a 'pro mode'. The features like auto-scroll only work some of the time, even with a paid subscription, it will advise you to subscribe! The sort feature in playlists is broke as well.
    2024-01-06 08:02:00
  • Amazing collection of tabs, thousands of songs available, transposition options, official and created tabs with the option to vote for an official tab. Well worth £70 a year, just give the trial a go and you'll see what I mean. Though the 'listen' button only works once the trial is over, it allows you to watch tutorials throughout practice and connect to Spotify, which is a great bonus. Could do with a YouTube Music collaboration too. Thanks guys, keep it up.
    2023-12-29 00:36:17
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